jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014


Pancakes, grilled chicken, strawbeery smoothies, fruit salads... The world of food is fantastic and today, we are going to work a little bit on this world!

First of all, I want you to do a survey about your favourite food for breakfast. Lets do it...

This part of the blog is divided in 4 sections.....

1. If you want to figure out how to read a nutrition facts label, just click here! You will practice your listening skills and you'll be able to help your mom going shopping! ;)

2. Have you ever tried to make a CHICKEN WRAP? It's just a great recipe you can prepare in a few minutes! And it's delicious... Click here for reading the recipe (You can also listen to it) Be careful, you may need your parents to help you! 

3. Now that you know A LOT about nutrition and healthy food... what about playing a game? MISSION NUTRITION will demonstrate that you are an expert on health. It's really funny, so go for it!

4. Finally... What about filming yourself cooking some recipes? You can cook whatever you like, but you must explain the steps to follow. Then, you can upload the video to YOUTUBE!Good luck :)

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