martes, 9 de diciembre de 2014

Playing with words

Let's  play!

Today we will be practising vocabulary. As we have been dealing with the topic 'Sports' these last two weeks, we will be playing a little bit with it and, also, with you own general vocabulary. You will find two links to two different games. 

The first game is "Beat the Keeper". On it, you have to beat the goalkeeper as many times as you can in 90 seconds! Let's see who is the best football player in the classroom. Please, note down your scores, and do not cheat!

The second game will test your general vocabulary. Here, forget about Sports. You can write any word in English, but correctly spelt! Spiderman needs your help to climb a building. If you are too slow, he will fall. Do not let Doc Ock win. Again, note down your scores.

Do not spend too much time in each game, around 10 or 15 minutes maximum, because after each game we have to award the winners! 

Finally, we will play one last time altogether with Spiderman!

Good luck!

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